• Stereo City

    You don't just want a vehicle that looks like the car of your dreams. You want your car to sound like it as well. Come to B&M and get the stereo you've always wanted installed in your vehicle today.

  • The Car of Your Dreams

    B&M is Lafayette's unquestioned leader for the kits, tires and stereos you need to build the car of your dreams. Don't just think about the car you've always wanted - drive it. Call us at 337-291-1169 or stop by the shop for our latest offers.

  • Complete Customization

    B&M can customize anything. If there is a component of your vehicle that you want to make completely unique, give us a call. We do everything from high-end stereos to lift kits. If you can dream it up, we can do it.

  • Come Get A B&M Tee!

    Your favorite stop for car customization now sells your favorite T-shirts! Now you can represent the kings of customization wherever you go.

  • Rims

    Want rims? We've got them! Check out our huge selection of rims and customized the wheels on your dream ride with B&M Auto Sound and 4x4!

  • Unlimited Accessories

    B&M Auto Sound and 4x4 has a huge selection of the accessories and gadgets for your customized vehicle.

Lift Kits

Need a lift? Head to B&M for kits that turn your vehicle into a monster!

Stereo Installs

We want your vehicle to sound good with stereos that look like they came with the car.

Custom Stereos, Lifts & Rims | Lafayette, LA

B&M Auto Sound And 4×4 is a full service customization company working on trucks, cars, recreational vehicles and much more. We have the rims, stereos, lift kits and accessories you need to customize any vehicle.

Contact Us if you have an idea of how you’d like your fantasy vehicle to look. Whether you want bass thumping on your dream stereo, or a lift kit that makes your SUV a monster, we’ll bring your dream to life. Visit B&M Auto Sound and 4×4 and discover Lafayette’s favorite stop for stereo installations and custom vehicles.


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